Why create a code generator in the first place?

Starting a new coding project from scratch can be quite time consuming and with the help of a code generator we can speed up the process of laying the groundwork and automate generating some of the boilerplate code.

X-ray image of lung @ Wikimedia


This is another post on Spring Boot that will show how to build a sample web application using Deep Java Library (DJL), an open-source Deep Learning library for Java to diagnose COVID-19 on X-ray images.

I got some great questions from Joseph who wants to be a programmer. He sent me this email:

Hello David, my name is Joseph. I came across your website in search of an expert computer programmer, and I was wandering if you could help me. I am relatively young and already know that I want programming to be my life. You say you are an expert in your profile, so I wish to learn straight from experts. Could you give me a few tips about programming? What is the best field of programming to get into, what languages to learn…

The 10x Developer Blueprint

Avoid Decision Fatigue

Decision making is like a muscle, there’s only so much decisions we can make in a day before our brain will get completely worn out. As Barack Obama…

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